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Three copies will need to be provided when dropping off your applications to PMG. Please attach the ACC check list to your submission to ensure you have all the items required before submitting.


A deposit is required for new construction and home addition construction  before applications will be reviewed and construction begins. For New Home Construction the fee  is $3700.00, This is partially refundable at the completion of your build by submitting a deposit refund application. For Build Additions  the fee is $1900.00.


$ 525 Total Inspection Fees
$ 475 For Preparation, filing, and oversight of initial Cease and Desist Letter if necessary. (Refundable if no legal action is required. If further legal action is necessary, the owner will also be responsible for those fees.)
$ 500 Conditionally Refundable Compliance/Damage Deposit –For non-compliance or damage to common areas, roads, etc.
$1,900 Total Fees /Deposits (All fees must be certified funds (e.g., cashier’s check or money order)

The Owner/Contractor agrees that the sum of $1,900 (or some portion thereof) will be forfeited to the Association if the new home construction project at the above address is not constructed or maintained in accordance with the approved plans and the applicable Declaration. Any unused portion of the deposit will be refunded upon successful final inspection. Failure to request the required inspections within 13 months of plan approval will result in forfeiture of the entire deposit.

Click here to access information about the Architectural Control Committee at Benders Landing.