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Liberty Park

Location: Lexington Blvd.

Hours: Dawn to dusk, the lighted tennis and basketball courts until 9:00 PM November – April

Liberty Park is a wonderful community amenity for the whole family.


Liberty Park Rules

The park is intended for the use of Benders Landing Owners, Residents, and their guests only.

Play at your own risk.

 No swimming.

 Park hours – dawn to dusk.

 Please cleanup after your pets.

All pets must be on a leash.

 No glass containers allowed.

 No weapons permitted in park or playground areas.

 No consumption of alcoholic beverages allowed, unless specifically authorized.

Anyone caught vandalizing any property of the Benders Landing POA will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Operating a motor vehicle within a park, except on roads and parking lots, is prohibited.

The basketball and tennis courts are locked. Residents can request keys by completing the Key Request Form in the documents area of the website and faxing or mailing it to Property Management Group. Use of the lighted courts may exceed dusk but must close at 9:00 PM.

In the Liberty Park area, the following are prohibited:

Disorderly Conduct Removal or destruction of vegetation
Excessive Noise Littering and Dumping
Fires, except in BBQ Grills Vehicles left overnight
Horseback Riding Fireworks
Soliciting Funds or Donations Selling Goods and Services
Distributing Circulars

Other Liberty Park items:

Speed limit is 10 MPH

Park only in designated area.

Fishing in lakes and ponds is permitted with applicable license. Currently all lakes are “Catch and Release: fishing areas”.

For more information, please call Ja’Lisa Jorden with Graham Management

Keep parks clean by placing litter in the proper receptacles.

Animals other than domestic dogs or cats are not permitted in the park.

Owners must confine domestic dogs and cats, securing them with a leash less than 10 feet in length.

No one may kill, harm, trap, confine, or catch wildlife within the park.

The use of loud speakers, public address systems or amplifiers is prohibited without written permission.

The abuse of alcoholic beverages or intoxicated behavior in the park is not permitted.

The Pavillion is “first come, first serve”.

The park has a wonderful playground area with play structures to accommodate children of all ages.

A large pavilion provides covered picnic tables and access to the grill and drinking fountain.

The tennis and basketball courts are lighted for easy use during the day or night.

Enjoy fishing on the lake or take a stroll around the lake on our scenic 1.1 mile pathway.